Closed Hernioplasty

In the laparoscopic surgery method, the hernia orifice is not stitched, but a mesh is covered over the opening.

Closed Hepatectomy

Not all cysts are suitable for laparoscopic surgery. Some patients are initially treated with open surgery.

Closed Intestinal Surgery

Our small and large intestines are living pipes that allow the food we eat to be digested and thrown out of the body.

Closed Reflux Surgery

Five small incisions, two of which are 1 centimeter and three of which are half a centimeter, are made on the abdomen.

Closed Appendectomy

First, a small tube is inserted through the navel and the abdominal cavity is inflated with approximately 4 liters of gas.

Closed Cholecystectomy

The essence of the process; is the complete removal of the gallbladder by separating from its connections.


Hemen Ara