Closed Appendectomy

Closed Appendectomy

First, a small tube is inserted through the navel and the abdominal cavity is inflated with approximately 4 liters of gas. This swelling raises the abdominal wall and provides space for surgical instruments. Then, the view of the interior is projected onto the television screen with a rod-shaped camera sent through the tube in the core. The camera projects the image from the desired angle and magnification. Two smaller tubes are entered. The surgeon performs the surgery by following the procedures on the screen with the instruments in the form of sticks inserted through these. Just like in open surgery, the appendix vein and root are tied and separated and the appendix is removed. The operation takes around half an hour. The operation is completed by draining the gas in the abdomen and closing the small incisions with hidden stitches. Features of the surgery; it is similar to open surgery in terms of wound, comfort and length of hospital stay. The cost is higher than open surgery. It is more advantageous than open surgery especially in patients with diagnostic difficulties or with other abdominal problems, female patients of childbearing age and obese patients.


Hemen Ara