Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery, like other obesity surgeries, is usually performed by laparoscopic method. Surgery is performed by entering the abdominal area through small incisions. In this way, the patient is also mostly protected from the risks such as possible wound infection and hernia that may develop after surgery. Robotic surgery method is also used for gastric bypass surgeries.

Period After The Surgery
After the surgery, patients can easily feel satiated by eating small amounts of food, and after a while, this satiety turns into loss of appetite. Total food intake becomes significantly reduced. Due to the smaller size of the newly formed stomach and reduced food absorption, the instructions of the surgeon and dietician should be followed for the use of the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. Thus, the patient can lose weight without loss of vitamins and minerals. Patients are sent home three or four days after the surgery.


Hemen Ara